Sunday, December 08, 2002
Roger Ailes is on the Right Track

I think that guy Roger Ailes--no, not the bald, repulsive one--is onto something.

Today Roger had this to say in praise of a good idea--Imagine that!--of Andy’s:

“Why not appoint an ombusman [sic from sic in original at The Daily Dish] from outside the Daily Dish to respond on a weekly basis on the main page to criticisms of Sully’s ravings? It’s what the Washington Post does. My suggestion: ask Sully Watch and Smarter Andrew Sullivan. They’re on to Sully’s bullshit and no fools. The Dish has got to stop acting like the Vatican and open itself up to scrutiny and debate. Hey, Sully. Shut me and all the other critics up, for Pete’s sake. And do your huge ass a huge-ass favor as well.”

Busy as I am, I would be happy to oblige.


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