Tuesday, November 26, 2002
Let No Booger Go Unpicked

Gosh, he sure is quick, isn’t he! Always on the ball, especially when it comes to Howell Raines and the New York Times. In this campaign, leave no stone unturned, let no booger go unpicked.

Andrew Sullivan (R) today writes (at Raines Watch The Daily Dish, on the web, not The Weekly Dish, for the Washington Times): “I’ve also noticed how Alessandra Stanley has eagerly become Raines’ dutiful copy-slave.”

Does anyone, anyone at all, even Andy, have a clue where this sudden animosity toward Stanley comes from?

A grand total of two articles by Stanley have appeared in the Times since Nov. 19, when Andy accused the reporter of sucking up to Raines: “Forget the Sex and Violence; Shame Is the Ratings Leader” (Nov. 20) and “CBS Silent in Debate on Women Joining Augusta” (Nov. 25), an article with a byline shared with Bill Carter.

(Two articles in seven days! Howie, you copy-slave driver, you! For shame.)

Andy doesn’t mention either article and he doesn’t say whether he objects to both pieces or only to the Augusta National article, but I’ll assume that’s what he’s quivering about since it is the subject at hand in this particular post.

Given that, I’ve said it before, I’ll said it again: Click through and read the article. Let me know if you find anything objectionable in what is really just a run of the mill--even mundane and pedestrian--newspaper article.


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